Connect to banks with one API

We enable developers to build the best services on top of banks with ONE API.


Northbricks will enable third-party, innovators, developers and companies to build the best services on top of banks. End customers will benefit of this innovations and use the best services there are to manage what is so central in everyones life - your money.

Latest news

Northbricks bank starter app on GitHub

If you are a developer, you can create an app in 5 minutes that connects to Northbrick APIs. Today, we released an update of our "Northbricks Bank Starter App" that makes it possible to easily start using the Northbricks API. Right now we run against mocked data but we plan to open up to real banking services as soon as possible. Stay tuned!
GITHub Bank Starter App
Northbricks API Reference

Agreements to first bank

Banks today are preparing PSD2 agreements for third-party vendors. Soon we have first real agreement with a bank in Sweden to start test Northbricks platform and more to come.

Presentation for Nordea Wealth Management

Northbricks were invited to present our platform for Nordea Wealth Management at Stockholm Fintech Hub. We are currently embarking on integrating Nordea into Northbricks platform. When integrated, third party applications will have access to 11 million customers to create amazing innovations.



Jon Wikman

The one that puts it all together. Are you interested of Kubernetes, Microservices and have backgground from Java - and wants to be apart of Northbricks to change the world - contact me.


Tobias Larsson

My goal has always been to open up banks data to everyone. Banking has been a closed business and i really wanna open up pandoras box. If you are a third-party and have a great idea and wanna connect to all banks in Europe thru one api - contact me.